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Small Home Renovation Ideas To Give Your Space A Spectacular Makeover

Small Home Renovation Ideas To Give Your Space A Spectacular Makeover

Published on 16 May 2022, 12:50:40 PM

Let’s face it. Living in a small space is tough! And trying to decorate the cramped spaces while making enough room for movement can be an arduous task. This is where you need to bring out your creative side and apply some simple interior design tricks to make the most of the limited space. The bright side of styling up small spaces is that you will have to put comparatively less physical effort. Here are some cool interior design ideas that can make your small space stylish.

  • Use reflective and bright theme

    One of the first things you need to do with your living space is ditch the dark colours and go for lighter and reflective materials and colours. This creates an illusion of great space as light reflects from the surface and makes the room look bigger.
  • Select pocket doors

    Pocket doors are another major way of creating space in your home. These doors with glass windows enhance the transparency and allow the light to flow around your home. You can go for the sliding door instead of the swinging doors option to make more space.
  • Make Your Dining Table Smaller

    Dining Tables are notorious for occupying maximum space in our living areas. There are several foldable dining table options available in the market and you may customize these as per your need. These tables can also be folded right into the walls. If you are not a fan of this style, then you can just go for a smaller table as per your family's needs.
  • Style your appliances

    You can use your daily appliances as showpieces and save up on space. For example, you can style up your fridge with cool wallpapers and make them visually appealing. Similarly, other elements like windows and doors can also be stylised with art and wallpapers making the place more vibrant
  • Mount your television

    A television mount is another popular way of saving space. Get it up on a mount on a wall and have a great viewing experience. A television on a table takes up unnecessary space and is not a visually appealing sight.
  • Multipurpose interior pieces

    Multifunctionality is the buzzword of the interior world. Get items in your cramped house that serve more than one purpose. For example, couches that can transform into beds, coffee tables that can be joined to make a study table and so on. Three are several ideas you can come up with if you take one good look at the items around you.
  • Taking advantage of architectural quirks

    Have an odd corner in your room that’s asymmetrical or have a window with an extra grill making it look unpleasant? Worry not! You can use this quirk to be the centre of attention by bringing out cool artwork or covering the space up with some nice colourful cushions and furniture.
  • Make use of mirrors

    Reflective items make spaces look way bigger than they are. You can use a clever combination of mirrors and colourful windows to amp up the style quotient and space illusion of your home
  • You should make every piece count

    Use furniture that has great viability of your home. Go for single couch pieces instead of long 3-4 seater couches. Use small corner tables with cosy chairs instead of having a big centre table that takes up more space.
  • Customise your storage

    Storage management is one of the key aspects of interior design. There are several furniture options that come with their own inbuilt storage. Similarly, you can customise your home to have built-in storage in walls and attics. This will help you in keeping away all the items occupying major home space.
  • Create separations

    Creating partitions in your house can add great value to its look. Adding temporary structures and curtains separating the living space from the dining or bedroom with the closet area can make a massive difference to the style quotient of your house. Using different tiling and flooring patterns can also add to the visual appeal of your home. You can explore several Click-N-Lock tiles and carpet tiles options to get better insights on how you can jazz up the flooring.
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