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Small Home Renovation Ideas To Give Your Space A Spectacular Makeover

Small Home Renovation Ideas To Give Your Space A Spectacular Makeover

Published on 16 May 2022, 12:50:40 PM

Living in a small space is tough. Trying to fit everything you need while still looking neat is an even bigger challenge, but that's what makes small space interior design so fun: Coming up with clever solutions to those obstacles makes it all possible. There are several small space interior design ideas that can help you make your small space feel spacious without compromising style, whether you live in a studio apartment or a small house.

  • Reflective materials should be incorporated

Choose lacquered white walls and glossy tiles for a spacious look. The mirror effect will be replicated by the high-shine materials, bouncing light and making the room feel airier.


  • Select pocket doors

Pocket doors with glass windows allow shared light to flow to various areas of the room while also creating separation. They also slide right into the wall when not in use, requiring a lot less space than swing doors.


  • Make Your Dining Table Smaller

You don't need a giant dining table to give your room a little extra space. Opt for a small, round dining table instead and you will be surprised by how much space you will have.


  • Embrace yourself 

The whole idea is to add some flair to your refrigerator and other bulky appliances since there is little room for extras, so you need to display your favorite items creatively. You could, for example, dress up a regular refrigerator with removable wallpaper to turn it into a design opportunity.


  • Mount your television

Your TV should be mounted on the wall or above a fireplace to get the most space from it. A media console is the most prominent space-eater in a small living room.


  • Multipurpose pieces 

Invest in pieces that come in multiples: Buy a table that can function as a desk and dining table, purchase a big sofa that can be used as a guest bed, or purchase cubes that are both coffee tables and extra seats when your guests come over.


  • Taking advantage of architectural quirks

You want to take full advantage of every inch of space in a small house, so try to utilize architectural quirks for your home interior design—this way, they'll become your favourite feature. Looking for a cover for your radiator by the window? Customize a cushion to match the cover so you can use it as a stool for your living room decor.

Don’t let those odd corners in your home go to waste, instead, you can utilize it to create storage space or cosy nooks.


  • Make use of mirrors 

It's an old design rule: Mirrors make a room feel larger, lighter, and airier and a fun convex mirror like this one makes the decor and design of the room feel more unique and interesting without occupying a lot of space.


  • You should make every piece count

Choose furnishings that offer maximum functionality in the smallest amount of space. For example, Choose a desk with a small side chair instead of a bench at the end. It is useful for work, getting ready and much more.


  • Try to customise your storage 

Built-ins, storage nooks, and furniture tailored to your specific needs can maximise every inch of available space. When built into the walls, you don't lose much valuable square footage and adding extra storage under a bench is always helpful.


  • Create different areas 

Always try to create separate spaces in your house decor and design. For example, you can use a super high curtain to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room, as well as a floating painting to create even more separation. You could also select different flooring to separate spaces. Explore the range of flooring options available at Welspun Flooring such as the Click-N-Lock tiles and carpet tiles to create a clear distinction between two areas.

Mentioned above are a few ideas especially curated for smaller homes that are sure to give you a spectacular home makeover. Also, don't forget to check out the flooring products offered by Welspun flooring to include in your home renovation.

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