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Spice up the look of your home with Wooden Matt Finish Tiles

Spice up the look of your home with Wooden Matt Finish Tiles

Published on 30 June 2021, 02:11:54 PM

Every floor space of your house is nothing but a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled by the endless color and design possibilities out there. Choosing the right type of tiles becomes a crucial step towards turning your comfortable abode into a heavenly and peaceful place. This is where wooden matt finish tiles come in. 

Wood is a material that is most favored when it comes to providing an aesthetic vibe to your space. Whether it is for your home or office, wooden flooring can make any space look elegant as well as cozy at the same time. But natural wooden floors can get worn and scratched with time, making their maintenance a hassle. On the other hand, the functionality and feasibility that wooden matt finish tiles provide make them the perfect alternative to natural wooden floors. These tiles not only enhance the interior of your place but help in making it look desirable and lend a natural appearance to your surroundings. 

The flooring you select can make or break the entire look of your room. Given their elegant and soothing outlook, these wooden matt finish tiles are everything that your space requires.

Why should you buy wooden matt finish tiles?



These tiles are easy to clean. In most cases, all it takes is warm water and detergent to get rid of the toughest of stains, hence making them an extremely hassle-free investment. They are the best flooring option for places that remain busy. Their matt finish eliminates the possibility of their color or texture fading out. This in turn increases their life span for several years, requiring minimal or no maintenance. These wooden matt finish tiles rarely get affected by termites which in turn cut down on yet another expense.


Along with being available in a variety of materials, styles, and textures; these wooden matt finish tiles are durable and affordable as well. They are made up of highly resilient materials, which not only makes them sturdy but also enables them to withstand moderate to high foot traffic. These tiles will impart great value for your money.


Their advanced designs impart a subtle unfinished and rustic look to the floor, making an area stand apart. The contemporary look and matt finish is an ideal setting for maintaining a peaceful and relieving space in your home.


Probably one of the best features of the wooden matt finish tiles is their non-slippery nature. This makes them a perfect fit for places prone to spills and moisture. Their unique texture offers better grip and reduces chances of slipping, making them safe to walk on.


These tiles are much cost-effective than the natural wooden flooring. With their long-term durability and low maintenance, they prove to be the best deals.     

There are various options of wooden matt finish tiles available at Welspun Flooring, particularly from their Aristo collection. These tiles are made using stone polymer composite. They are lightweight and durable as compared to regular flooring, thus making them a top favorite among buyers. However, what makes them so special is their unique Wel-lock technology that enables easy and hassle-free installation in the nick of time. So head over to Welspun flooring and explore our range of wood finish tiles that elevate your space with an all-natural look.

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