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The Buyers Guide To Selecting The Best Tiles For Your Home

The Buyers Guide To Selecting The Best Tiles For Your Home

Published on 31 August 2021, 03:32:37 PM

It is a challenging task to know where to begin when you are in the process of selecting modern floor tiles for your living room. There are various things to figure like the type of modern floor tiles you need, the size and finish, colours and patterns, cost, and the number of tiles needed among other things. We have compiled a buyer’s guide for you to consider before selecting the tiles for your home.

Types Of Tiles


  • Ceramic Tiles 

 These modern floor tiles are available in glazed and unglazed varieties but are prone to cracking and chipping. They are durable, affordable and well suited for your living room.


  • Concrete Tiles 

These modern floor tiles are the most durable options and are largely suitable for driveways and outdoors. They are quite economical and require very low maintenance.


  • Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Tiles 

 These modern floor tiles are made of stone polymer composite which is the latest technology in the flooring solutions industry. We at Welspun use SPC for our Click N Lock modern floor tiles which are best in class and can be installed in less than a day (even on existing floors!).


  • Terracotta Tiles 

 These modern floor tiles are made of clay and are glazed for variation in colours. They are generally preferred for living rooms as they are durable and water-resistant. Highly recommended for your living room.


  • Mosaic Tiles 

 These modern floor tiles are made of porcelain, glass, natural stone, or ceramic. These are generally meant for kitchens or bathrooms. 


  • Hand Painted Tiles 

 These modern floor tiles can be used in indoor balconies or courtyards that are not exposed to water. A great way to bring some authentic beauty to your floors.


Picking The Right Size

You must make sure that there is minimum wastage when picking the size. For spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, larger size tiles can be picked. However, for smaller areas such as bathrooms and storerooms, smaller tiles are more ideal. 

How To Select The Design

You will find a wide variety of designs available in the market. You can also create DIY designs and patterns to your liking for these modern floor tiles.


Finish Of Your TIles

You must know that gloss finish tiles have a mirror-like reflection that adds brightness and a spacious look to your home. However, do not use glossy tiles in wet areas as they could be slippery. For moisture-laden areas like the bathroom, you could consider using matte finish modern floor tiles for your living room that are slip-resistant, non-reflective, and resist stains. 


Durability of Tiles

You must pick a material that is the most durable so that you do not have to frequently replace your flooring. You must figure out which solution will work for you depending on the requirement of your space. 



Grouts must be considered as a design element in tiles. You can create a stunning pattern with the right grout choice. You must consider the colour of the grout, spacing between tiles to create the designs you like for these modern floor tiles.



You must also consider the amount of maintenance you are willing to do after you have installed your modern floor tiles for your living room. Certain tiles like the hand-painted tiles require higher maintenance compared to the SPC tiles. Tiles with grout require more maintenance than grout-free tiles. 


We Have The Perfect Product For Your Home

At Welspun, we put deep thoughts into each of the aspects mentioned above and have created the perfect product for you. Our Click N Lock tiles are made from stone polymer composite which consists of a cushion backing that provides underfoot comfort, a rigid SPC core that brings the superior durability of the tile, a wear layer that provides resistance from scratches and stains, and an anti-fade UV finish which ensures that the surface is resistant to different kinds of damages. 

Click N Lock tiles are antiviral and antimicrobial which ensures that the floors are safe and clean. They are grout-free to ensure minimum accumulation of dirt and germs and anti-slip in nature to ensure minimum slippage. The cost of ownership is 30% lower than usual tiles. We have a wide variety of modern floor tiles available in luxurious finishes. Check out our range here



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