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The Modern Rules For Floor Tiles Design For Hall

The Modern Rules For Floor Tiles Design For Hall

Published on 29 June 2021, 05:58:53 AM

A hall is the central place of any home where most of the time is spent. You’d want a high-quality floor that is durable and trendy while being aesthetically pleasant. The floor tiles design for hall is an important factor to be considered. There are countless options available but there are some general rules that you should be aware of to create a modern hall. We have charted out a few things that you must note before you design your hall -

Size Absolutely Matters

For a spacious hall, you must pick big tiles. Big tiles make the room appear bigger than they are. Sizes like 100x200 cm, 120x120 cm, or 80x120 cm for floor designs for the hall are ideal as they will bear fewer grout lines and create a seamless look. You can also choose to enhance the looks by choosing a grout that is very similar in color to the tile. 

Ensure Symmetry in the Layout

Symmetrical patterns are pleasing to the eyes. If the layout of the floor tiles is asymmetrical, the overall decor also becomes visually jarring. Care must be taken to ensure that full-sized tiles are used all across the floor, as cutting them would make the arrangement look disproportionate, especially when it comes to floor design for the hall.

Colours and Finishes

You must figure out the general feel you want in the space you are tiling. Do you want a serene and relaxing space or more of a moody and intimate living space? Understanding the aesthetics of the space can help you in deciding on the floor tiles design for hall. You could look for diverse finishes like polished, matt, carving, rustic, wooden among others that would complement the overall looks of your abode. 

Material of Tiles

The decision towards the selection of the material of tiles is dependent on plenty of things like durability, looks, maintenance, budget, colours, and patterns. You can select among the common and popular options like ceramic, vitrified, cement, or mosaic or you can select from the modern tiling solutions like stone plastic composite tiles, or wooden flooring. Your choice of floor tiles design for hall and the choice of material should also depend on the foot traffic expected in the given space. 

Inlay Designs for Your Hall

Artistic designs are trending. You could create some great inlay designs at reasonable costs by using elements like stone, wood, steel, or bronze. These look extremely luxurious as floor tiles deisgn for hall and are highly durable as well. 

Mix N Match to Create Great Designs

A single pattern laid across the area when it comes to floor tiles design for the hall does give a consistent and spacious look to the overall space. But if you are looking to create a unique design, experimenting with 2-3 different tiles can lend a personal touch to your space. You can play with different patterns and textures for the floor tiles design for the hall. Such tile concepts are trending off-late and help lend a creative edge to your space.

Water Absorption Ability

This plays a determining role in your flooring decision. While halls are not predominantly exposed to water all the time, it’s advisable to opt for a tile variant with less water-absorbing capacity for the floor tiles design for hall, as such tiles last much longer as compared to the ones that absorb water.

Welspun has the Best Solutions

At the end of the day, ensuring that your hall looks stunning and appealing is extremely important. You must make sure that you look for options that give you a blend of premium and contemporary quality when it comes to floor tiles design for hall to create an upbeat interior. As a provider of modern flooring solutions, we have a diverse range of floor tiles design for hall that might just elevate your hall room to the next level. Head over to welspunflooring to explore our range of modular flooring solutions like Click N Lock Tiles, Carpet Tiles, Wall to Wall Carpets, and even Greens, if you have a thing for greenery and would love to have a patch of grass indoors too. In fact, our Click N Lock tiles can be installed without any grout to provide that stunning seamless look that everyone aspires for in their hall room. And don’t you worry about design options - there are far too many to leave your spoilt for choices. So go right in and explore our collection of floor tiles design for hall to give it the makeover it deserves.  

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