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The modern rules of living room floor tiles

The modern rules of living room floor tiles

Published on 28 November 2021, 10:34:51 AM

We believe that a living room plays a major role in giving the first impression of your house. It is also the reflection of the creativity of the artist that resides within us. Do you too wish to own a living room that would represent your taste for everything dreamy and elegant? Well, living room floor tiles can make a statement style to your artistic endeavour if you choose the right designs. You should also look for the one that would be equipped to meet the modern features. 

 Here are some factors you must tick before choosing your living room floor tiles. 

  • Bigger tiles – You should opt for larger living room floor tiles if your room is spacious. It has mainly two advantages. Firstly, it would make the room look large. Secondly, the grout lines will automatically reduce due to the bigger sizes of the pieces, thereby giving the flooring a clean and finished look.  
  • Water-resistant – It would be wise of you to choose flooring options that would have lesser water absorbing capability. It means a water-resistant living room floor tile will be your perfect choice as it would be long lasting and well maintained than the usual ones. 
  • Symmetry – Focus on the symmetry of the living room floor tiles as in the absence of such, it may create an optical jolting thereby making the space cluttered and aesthetically unpleasing. So, you must decide on a pattern you would like to put these tiles aligned in. 
  • Material of the tiles – The living room floor tiles need to suit your definite purpose. For instance, if your living room has high traffic or it is for official purposes, choose the interlocking tiles as your living room floor tiles for making a unique aesthetic. 
  • Durability – Ensuring the durability of the tiles will be easy if you look for the materials it has been composed of. Materials like stone polymer composite last longer than other natural flooring materials. 

The love for nature – Your avid love for nature should reflect in your choice of living room floor tiles. In modern times, we won’t definitely suggest you go for natural wooden tiles. Not only will it be costly, but it will also bring a host of maintenance charges and free hassles alongside. These living rooms Click-N-Lock tiles with wooden finishing come with special Wel-Lock technology and can be installed on any existing floor without any hassle, that too in just a day’s time.  

So, to make your life easier, and beautiful, you can choose living room floor tiles that have perfect wooden finishing such as Java Wood, Golden Oak, or Whisker Oak from Welspun to satiate your forest desire. 

A chic elegance – If sophisticated designs are your style, you might fall in love with the stone collection from Welspun. Some of these living room floor tiles featuring the grunginess of stone are Cambrey Ake, Cambrey Grey, and Delta. It will surely feed your inner elegance through the in-class designs and shades. Moreover, its superior features like stain resistance quality will give it an additional edge over other materials. 

So, whether you choose interlocking tiles or carpet tiles, your one-stop destination Welspun provides you with umpteen options that would make matchless living room floor tiles for your sensibility. These flooring options will not only evoke a sense of awe within your visitors but will also satiate your sense of artistic pleasure when you choose this for your room décor. 

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