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The next phase of interior decor belongs to PVC flooring

The next phase of interior decor belongs to PVC flooring

Published on 15 November 2021, 10:16:01 AM

Are you wondering what flooring would be best for your next interior project? If your answer is yes, We would suggest you go for PVC flooring which has many advantages.

Polyvinyl Chloride flooring or Vinyl Flooring has reshaped the concept of modern flooring by providing a host of benefits for the contemporary utility-seeking aesthetic-inspired soul. In recent times, PVC flooring has revolutionized modern housing flooring with its unique elegance and high service. These shiny and elegant tiles are used in both commercial and residential spaces that change the appearance of the space altogether. Not only is PVC Flooring visually attractive, but its advantageous features over other flooring options have truly made it the next big thing of interior décor. 

PVC flooring is mainly of two types-


  1. Sheet PVC Vinyl Flooring – Oftentimes, you might look for options that would give your home a total makeover, but under an inexpensive budget. You may also look for options that would hide the previous flaws of the flooring, like holes and scratches in the pale concrete. At times like these, the beautiful PVC flooring sheets can be the option you can go for. They are large continuous sheets that one can easily install on pre-existing floors. They are found in sticker packs that can be adhered to the floor without any hassle. Furthermore, PVC flooring is available in a variety of colours and patterns that would definitely be a sight to see. 

Some other functions of PVC flooring are – 

  • It does not allow fluids to pass through it, making it suitable for spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • A sheet PVC flooring is ideal for carrying out manoeuvres like dancing and other physical activities. This is due to the closed-cell foam reverse backing in PVC flooring which acts as a flexible shock absorbent. 

        2. PVC Tiles – If you are building your apartment from scratch, you might as well look for PVC flooring tiles. The finished flooring material of PVC tiles or vinyl composition tiles is mainly used in commercial spaces and public institutions. Along with their elegance, PVC flooring tiles have low cost, are easy to maintain, and have high durability. These features make it one of the top choices for commercial spaces, auditoriums, public forums, and even residential complexes.

Some other features of PVC flooring tiles that make it the ultimate choice for customers are – 

  • It has high resistance to damage and friction. It can also be refined using chemical strippers and other mechanical equipment. 
  • If damaged, the tiles can be easily removed and replaced, offering easy and stress-free solutions to your room décor. 

Luxury tiles and plain PVC tiles are two of the most widely used PVC flooring which offer you the best of its features. The former, as the name suggests, is made meticulously using layers of protection that provide great performance and lesser wear and tear.

 Moreover, it also offers super resistance to scratches, stains, and spillovers. The usual PVC flooring tiles, on the other hand, provide lesser features than the former, yet they can be perfect for residential purposes where the problem of heavy traffic does not exist.

Welspunflooring has a wide range of tiles under Click-N-Lock that resembles terracotta, wooden, and stone finishing just like the PVC flooring. They are easy to maintain, provide ultimate comfort for high performances due to their cushion backing feature and damage resistance. A five-layer core of Stone Polymer Composite is used in its making that aids in these benefits.

Well, it does not end here! The Click-N-Lock tiles are designed using Wel-Lock technology that provides modern-day solutions keeping the aesthetics intact. Adding to the advantages, it can be installed without any hassle, that too just in a day’s time! 

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