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Top 10 Jaw-dropping Balcony Decoration Ideas

Top 10 Jaw-dropping Balcony Decoration Ideas

Published on 21 April 2022, 12:28:33 PM

Balconies quite literally provide a breath of fresh air. They can be designed to look warm and inviting. Often, in an Indian household, these spaces are under-utilized without realizing how easily they can be turned around.

Balconies form a very special part of our home. Indian households have been designed to have open sitting areas and open courtyards since inception. Balconies are a slightly more modern version of the same format. There is so much potential while designing this space irrespective of the size of the balcony. It is a common misconception that small spaces cannot be well decorated.

It is not about the size of the balcony but it is about your vision for that space. Imagination is all one needs for balcony interior design.

Here are a bunch of ideas that will help you create the balcony of your dreams.

1. Plants, plants & lots of plants

Turn your balcony into a mini forest by adding lots of plants. From placing them on the floor to hanging them on the ceiling, invest in plants according to the weather conditions of your city and by checking how much sunlight you receive on the balcony. You can also hand the plants on your railings. What you can also do is install the artificial grass flooring known as the Greens from Welspun flooring which will give you the actual look and feel of grass while being easy on installation and budget.

2. Addition of swings

You can get yourself a chair swing, a swing for 2 or more, a hammock, etc depending on the space available to you. Make sure to create some shade on top to make it more cosy and comfortable. It can become a great reading nook too.

3. Choose glass doors

The doors that behave as a partition between the balcony and another room, opt for a glass door to give you a sense of openness which makes the space look bigger and it also allows natural light to seep in.

4. Bright textiles

Excessive colour play can feel overbearing but just the right amount can enhance the interior decoration of the place, making it pop and set a completely different, happy tone. If you are opting for neutral tones for your balcony, then add a dash of colour to the textiles like cushions, throws, sofa, floor cushions, curtains, etc

5.Space-saving furniture/built-in seating

A great balcony interior design is one where space is used optimally, especially in the case of a smaller balcony. This can be done by investing or building furniture pieces that save space. Here are some examples: create a seating space against the back of the wall where the wall can serve as a backrest and the seating is foldable, or add a detachable wooden plank against a wall that serves as a table and set bar stools or high-chairs for seating.

6. Canopy of lights

Add a canopy of twinkle lights, some paper lanterns, or just one string of bulb lights to enhance the small balcony decor. These balcony lights add an element of warmth, and comfort, and add romance to the rest of the house. The biggest advantage, these lights can be used as decorations across various Indian festivities.

7. Folding furniture

furniture like folding chairs, and folding hammocks are your best friend as they can be moved from time to time. The best part is they don't consume too much space even when lying in storage.

8. Tiled walls

Add tiled walls to your balcony like open bricks on one wall or all the walls to give it a more natural outdoorsy feeling. There are multiple options you can try here depending on the decor and design you want to achieve.

9. Natural textures

Adding natural textures to your balcony interior either to your flooring or to your walls will bring the outside inside. You can opt for stone-finished walls, walls painted with natural textures, or you can choose natural-textured flooring. 


Cane, rattan, bamboo furniture, decor pieces, or outdoor curtains are extremely functional while keeping the design aspects of the balcony untouched. Cane lamps can be hung while cane trays can be used for the table or as wall decor. Curtains made from this material help maintain the coolness of the place, especially during the hot summer months.

Hence, what we derive from the above is that the size of the balcony does not matter but how you decorate it does. To enhance the balcony further, be sure to check out the Greens range of products from Welspun flooring which is a range of artificial grass most suitable for a balcony. It looks and feels just like real grass, manufactured using highly resilient fibers, it doesn't flatten out easily which provides enough cushioning to your feet with every step.

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