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Top 10 trending tile designs of 2021

Top 10 trending tile designs of 2021

Published on 24 December 2021, 06:34:34 AM

Planning to revamp your home with trendy and latest tile design? You have landed at the right place. In this blog, we have collated various affordable yet trendy-looking latest floor tiles designs that can level up your home décor and will give you ultimate results leaving your guests stunned with your home design game.

From traditional and classic designs to modern and technologically advanced tiles, 2021 has all the varieties ready for you to choose from. Let’s look at some of the latest tiles design that can give your home an eye-pleasing and impeccable décor.


  1. Terracotta tiles: Terracotta tiles are usually made up of clay and come under the category of ceramic tiles. This has been the traditional form of flooring but recently Terracotta design has made a comeback and is being highly preferred for the kitchen, terrace, and outdoors. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and latest tiles design will add warmth to your space and will also create the right amount of balance between rugged and refined. 

  2. Soft textures: Nowadays, people look for modern yet chic-looking designs and with a growing preference for such latest tiles design, neutral colour tiles, simple and effective patterns are in high demand to add a touch of luxury to the homes. Tiles that are soft textured and which are pleasing to the eyes and feet can instantly change the mood of a person. It is often said, the light-toned tiles make your rooms look more spacious and give an eye-pleasing look to the place. Add a soft texture to the tiles and we get the perfect tile for any interior. 

  3. Terrazzo tiles:  The mix of different coloured quartz, metal, and glass, Terrazzo design is again leading the market in today’s era. This type of latest tiles design is rapidly becoming one of the most favourable interior options. It has been said that Terrazzo is the best yet affordable alternative to marble and granite. 

  4. Block colours and Hexagon tiles: For the bathroom, block colours and hexagon tiles are the go-to choices out of all the latest tiles designs. Matte-colored and hexagon-shaped tiles are in demand and set the right tone for the look of the bathroom area. Other than this, such can be used at your favourite corners too which will give an impeccable touch to the décor.

  5. Big and Bold tiles: Large format Porcelain tiles are available in different variants and multiple effects like various types of marble, coloured marble with indulgent black and emerald greens offering a modern trendy look to the house.

  6. High Gloss tiles: Today’s latest tile designs are being known highly for their glossy tiles. Due to its durability for large areas and easy maintenance features, glossy tiles can surely be recommended under the list of trendy tiles designs.

  7. Flecked effect tiles: A combination of various colours and patterns, flecked effect tiles offer a kaleidoscope effect to the room, be it being used on the floor or tiles. Such types of tile designs provide energy to the place leaving an eye-pleasing effect. 

  8. Large ceramic tiles: The large tiles are becoming popular day by day for their durability, elegant style, and versatility. The large size of the tiles usually sizes up to 5.25’x10.5’ having thickness from 3.5mm to 2cm. These extra-large tiles are often used to minimize the application and installation efforts, as it covers the large area which reduces the application or large no. of tiles.

  9. Concrete Tiles: Concrete has been the known and widely used material in construction since ancient times, and today’s technology has made the concrete tiles into many playful patterns and colours which offers the chic and latest tiles design for your home. 

  10. Veining tiles: Grey veining tiles with white background offer a classic marble look and add a luxurious touch to the place. This latest tiles design will surely leave a strong impression on your guests. 

At Welspun Flooring, we offer you all these trendy and latest tiles designs which can level up your décor game. Give your house a futuristic flooring decor with Welspun Flooring’s Click-N-Lock Tiles

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