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Top 5 Kitchen Interior Design trends that will make you fall in love

Top 5 Kitchen Interior Design trends that will make you fall in love

Published on 13 April 2022, 06:40:28 AM

There has been a lot of innovation that has been happening around Kitchen interior designs with clever twists on the designs of the old appliances, fittings, pantry organizers and so much more. You will be spoilt for choice while trying to pick the trending look.

The kitchen is quite the stomach and heart of the entire home and for the cook who's in charge of the kitchen duties, there is nothing that will make them happier than having a beautiful kitchen. It is a space in our home where we not only cook but we also utilize this space as a dining room, a washing area, and a pantry which is often the case in an urban apartment. Small kitchen interior design is the trickiest but if planned well, lots of space can be optimized.

Here are 5 kitchen interior design ideas that will make you fall in love with your kitchen once again.

  • Antiques is the way to go: Some latest most trending kitchen interior design ideas consist of investing in kitchen appliances that have a retro look to them. Vintage-style stoves paired with modern hoods, retro-looking refrigerators in pastel shades, and toasters similar to the ones that can be seen in retro American movies are trendsetters and here to stay for a while. Team this up with good kitchen floor tiles from the Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun flooring to add an element of texture and contrast.


  • Natural elements: Using natural textures throughout your home in decor and design adds an extra element of warmth and comfort. Bringing the outside in always freshens up the house. You can do so with your kitchen as well. From marbled countertops to distressed furniture or Click-N Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring, clay accessories like earthen pots and utensils or a herb garden can instantly add a touch of freshness to your space.


  • Concealed kitchen: Most house owners dream of having a concealed kitchen, especially in an Indian household. They want to separate the kitchen from the adjoining rooms. There are two ways to go about this if you are someone who wants to see through the kitchen yet keep it concealed then using glass doors is your best option and if you are someone who wants to entirely hide the kitchen then paint the walls beside the kitchen door using the same colours and textures.


  • Pantry: No amount of space is ever enough and the kitchen is no exception here. If you love cooking, hosting friends and family often, then a pantry is a must for you. Most of us Indians, especially in an urban home, do not have the space for a dedicated pantry where we store most things in containers inside cupboards and shelves. While this works, it often gets cluttered, and finding what you want is not easy. A kitchen pantry solves this problem for food that is non-perishable. From the classic floor-to-ceiling pantry designs to modern stand-alone pantry units, the designs of today keep in mind the requirements of busy urban households. Modern Interior designs for pantries make smart use of dead spaces while more extravagant ones are built as an extension of the kitchen itself. 


  • Utility factor: The utility of the kitchen or that particular space is the most important aspect when it comes to the kitchen interior design ideas. The utility of kitchen designs in India is directly proportional to having a separate utility area or not. We are dependent on our house help for most domestic chores and they often don’t turn up.

Therefore, having a separate wash area for our used utensils is always key to an Indian kitchen while ensuring that the kitchen doesn’t get cluttered which is very important to keep in mind in the case of a smaller kitchen.

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