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Top trending quartz tiles for your kitchen counters

Top trending quartz tiles for your kitchen counters

Published on 27 December 2021, 02:15:24 PM

Quartz tiles are trending in the flooring design world as they are available in different styles as well as an affordable selection for your kitchens. It is a well-known fact that kitchen countertops made from these tiles are different from other natural stone counters. This is the reason why the quartz tiles are considered to be the king of kitchen counters and are here to stay for a long time.  

Engineered stone made up of ground-up particles of stone combined with plastic resin, quartz tiles are more unusual than the others. Kitchen counters made up of quartz come with many advantages. The endless array of colours and patterns gives you versatile design options and a plethora of options to choose from. There is a list of reasons for you to install quartz tiles for your kitchen countertops. The stain-resistant and durable quality of the tiles make them an ideal fit for busy kitchens. On the other hand, these tiles are non-porous as well as highly resistant to oil spillage, scratching & chipping, making them a long-term solution for the kitchen counters. With long-lasting shine, quartz tiles are low in maintenance and very easy to clean helping in keeping your kitchen hygienic at all times. If you are browsing through the best fit of quartz tiles, here is a guide to the top trending quartz tiles for your kitchen counters.

·         Waterfall Design Counters- These quartz tiles are designed and installed in a way that they create a sweeping waterfall effect onto each side of the kitchen counter. These are among the most trending quartz looks for the kitchen. 

·         Backsplash Quartz- To complement the quartz kitchen counter, it is a new trend to modify their backsplash with similar materials to create a more balanced and fulfilling look for your kitchen.

·         Colour Contrasting Quartz Counters- For a more dramatic appearance, people are selecting quartz counters with a classic black design. The darker tone of the counter is good at hiding any stains and perfectly maintains a pristine look of the installed quartz for a long time. Red counters are also in demand as they give your kitchen a more retro look, especially when installed in a kitchen with white walls. Another colour of quartz tiles that is highly in demand is the glossy grey counter that works extremely well with bright backgrounds.

·         Bullnose Edge- The quartz slabs can be shaped in a way that the finishing of the kitchen counter looks sleek and smooth just like the edge of the nose of a bull. This makes the counter edges safe for children as well as people working in the kitchen. An added benefit is the highly attractive rounded-edge design that adds a touch of creativity to the countertops. 

Differentiated by majorly focusing upon the colour and material available, quartz tiles create beautiful and splendid kitchen counters. By selecting the right combination of quartz tiles, you can achieve your style goals of either an elegant and simple or a modern and comfortable environment in your kitchen.

Welspun Flooring offers a wide variety of flooring options for your space. They come in a range of designs and unparalleled quality just to suit your requirements. 

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