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Transform your bedroom interiors with these classy but simple floor design ideas

Transform your bedroom interiors with these classy but simple floor design ideas

Published on 27 December 2021, 04:07:58 AM

Most homeowners today understand the importance of adorning their homes with flooring designs. And the way to go about it now is hassle-free - the preferences have turned to simple interior design for bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces. 

Decorating or renovating a home is mostly an expensive ordeal, and flooring is always a big part of it. When it comes to integrating an elegant look into your bedroom - simple interior design for bedrooms is easy to do, manageable, and appeals to the masses.

When it comes to floor design ideas, carpet and rugs seem an expensive and tiring option with rigorous cleaning, maintenance, and more! All flaws aside, rugs and carpets are a good choice to explore.

People prefer to take an active role in deciding everything from the colour of the wall to house floor design and want the simple interior design for the bedroom to reflect their personality. For this, floor designs work as they are the permanent solution if the homeowner decides to go with one look. 

1. Mix & Match 

There is a new trend that is garnering the attention of many interior designers and architects - bringing a contemporary look to be in sync with your ideal simple interior design for bedroom. Partial tiles and partial wooden laminated floors are the new trends we're talking about! This new design is sure to bring subtlety and elegance to your bedroom. The floor is a mix of both the flooring design you want to choose. Whether or not a mix & match is your thing, it's never a bad idea to explore new dimensions. 

2. Tile Patterns? Yes, Please! 

A new favourite flooring for simple interior design for bedroom, among many, is the herringbone tile floors. When it comes to simple and elegant flooring design, patterned tiles with bright colours liven up the space. Bringing a quirky vibe with the tinted floor design, the herringbone patterns bring elegance as well! 

3. Painted Floors

Painted floors are rising among the trend for simple interior design for bedrooms. You can choose the colours, the pattern, and the flooring of your choice. It is easy to do and comes without any hassle. Although, there are also some flaws to it, as heavy traffic on the floor can scratch off and dull the paint. Over a period of time, the paint can also be smudged off. However, it's a good alternative if you're renting or planning to use your place for a brief period of time. 

4. Did someone say brick floors?

To bring a more rustic and authentic vibe, brick floors definitely fit the list! Whether it's a kitchen, living room or bedroom, brick flooring definitely fits into your simple, subtle look. When it comes to simple interior design for bedroom, brick flooring is the best choice to go with! Apart from the subtlety, the brick flooring definitely comes with its set of flaws such as a rough surface and is prone to be much dustier than regular tiles or flooring designs. 

When it comes to the subtlety of your space, these flooring designs might not always work as per your space and aesthetics. But don’t worry - Click-N-Lock Tiles by Welspun Flooring are just the perfect flooring choice for a simple interior design for bedroom.

Click-N-Lock Tiles are made of five layers, one of which is a stone polymer composite layer, that is proven to add durability and strength to the flooring of your simple interior design for bedroom like nothing else. The core of these tiles is as sturdy as it gets, and the base is highly resistant to stains, scratches and is anti-skid, thus saving you from the hectic task of maintaining your flooring. Moreover, the Click-N-Lock Tiles come with the revolutionary Wel-Lock technology, and can be installed with minimal hassle on existing floors that too in a span of less than a day!

Apart from the functional aspects, CNL is also the homeowner’s (and also our) favorite for simple interior design for bedrooms due to the wide range of exquisite designs from beautiful wooden finishes such as Java Wood, Whisker Oak, and many more to mesmerizing stone finishes such as Memphis Grey, Cambery Wheat to name a few. This aesthetic flooring is sure to complement your bedroom and instantly transform the place to something amazing! 

Head on to the Welspun Flooring website for more! 

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