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Trending Interior Home Decor Ideas for that Perfect Instagram Picture

Trending Interior Home Decor Ideas for that Perfect Instagram Picture

Published on 06 May 2022, 11:53:21 AM

Occasionally, you might wish that your home looked more like those picture-perfect homes you see on Instagram. Whether it is pared-down minimalism, cosy nooks with Hygge-style intentions, or perfectly-organized pantry areas, Instagram is full of inspiring spaces and serious home decor.

We have put together some décor and design guideposts to help you create an Insta-worthy home! 

Here are a few of our favourite ideas!


  • Bathrooms Like Spas

If you are looking for a place where you can wind down after a long day, upgrade your bathroom interiors with a spa-style soak tub and a tubside tray filled with scented candles, flowers, and fruits. Add ambience lighting to your bathroom and pebbles on the side of the flooring or just before the entrance of your bathtub to give a more spa-style vibe. Stock up on pretty-looking diffusers and aroma oils to add to the look and feel of your bathroom.


  • Neon Signage

The neon signs are no longer reserved for hotel vacancies or dive bars; the trend is heating interior design. From restaurants to coffee shops, personal studios, or even bedroom interior decor the neon lights continue to make a splash. Neon signs fit extremely well in terrace or balcony decor as well.


  • Furniture Made From Wooden Pallets

For those who are unfamiliar with pallet furniture, it is made from wood pieces that are often crafted for DIY home projects from actual pallet boxes; however, you can also find professionally made items in the rustic style. They can be used to make your centre tables, floor seating, chairs, etc. Enhance this by investing in great flooring to give a more rustic vibe to your home. You can also check out the flooring options offered by Welspun Flooring to incorporate into your home design.


  • Macrame Decor

Instagram is flooded with images of macrame decoration. Be it plant hangers, wall hangings, table mats, coasters, Christmas tree ornaments, pillow covers and so much more. This type of boho-themed decor has taken over all social media channels. These boho-themed home décor pieces are the perfect addition to any kind of room, especially ones which are tropical-themed rooms. This kind of decoration has picked up popularity for kid's nursery rooms as well where wall hangings that look like animals and rainbows in pastel shades and colours are specifically customized to appeal to the children.


  • Candles

Candles add ambience to a home in a way very few other decor pieces do because they work on our sense of smell. Look for ones made from soy wax and natural fragrances to avoid introducing toxins to your home. Invest in good candle stands and motifs to make it have a bigger sense of appeal.


  • Dried Floral Arrangements

The dried flower trend has taken off and is all over the gram. Many famous home decor influencers have been regularly sharing creative ways in which these arrangements can be featured in our homes. Add beautiful vases to your collection or recycle old glass bottles and mason jars to make it more glam and chic. Featuring dried blooms, grasses, branches, berries, and seeds, they're a stunning - and long-lasting - way to decorate your home. 


  • Lighting

Lighting can add a touch of magic to your home décor, whether you hang them from your ceiling, weave them around indoor plants, or string them around indoor trees. Find the right balance between functional and aesthetic lighting and coordinate in accordance with that in order to create a sense of harmony. Here is a cute example of decorating a corner by installing a swing chair, decorating it with fairy lights, adding planters on the corner, adding matching throws and cushions, and using a beautiful rug underneath to create your cosy nook.


  • Time for furnishing upgrades

A simple change in linens and cushions is all it takes to transform the look of your room's interior. Play with textures and colours and don't be scared to make a complete change. Carefully coordinated pillows, silken soft bed linen, and a sophisticated headboard are a few things you can do to immediately transform your room's interior decor.


  • Flooring goals

This might seem difficult but it's not. Upgrading your flooring immediately heightens the home decor and design impacting the overall contribution of your space. Change the flooring to match the vibe you are trying to create for your room. You can explore the range of flooring options such as the Click-N-Lock tiles offered by Welspun flooring. They are sure to make a statement on Instagram.

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