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What is false flooring and why is it used?

What is false flooring and why is it used?

Published on 28 November 2021, 11:04:31 AM

False flooring is elevated flooring mostly used in commercial spaces such as offices. It is used to carry a high number of cables, air conditioning, and water supply pipes. The floor is elevated using an understructure framework called pedestals that provides support to the flooring. The flooring is generally 2x2 in size. False flooring has a widespread application. It has immense advantages for commercial spaces. Some of the reasons why it is used are as follows: 

Ease Of Maintenance

The cables and pipelines below the floor are well organized. Since these are connected to an intricate group of servers, timely maintenance and emergencies can be well taken care of. This method of flooring allows for easy access for the maintenance team without having to struggle to locate the right cables. 

Wires Remain Out Of Sight

Raised flooring systems allow for plenty of space below the floor which makes it easy to hide the wires and cords running around the office. It creates space within the office and also makes it look clean and orderly. Raised floors improve the aesthetic appearance of the office as well.

False Flooring Is Easy To Replace

False flooring is done in the form of floor tiles. These are interlocking tiles that can be installed easily. In case of any damage, the damaged tile can be replaced easily instead of replacing the whole floor. It is convenient for the users of the space and the maintenance staff.

It Keeps The Equipment Cool

The space below the floor can be cooled through air conditioning. Long-term energy costs are significantly reduced as air through the space moves efficiently, cooling the space faster. 

Wide Variety Of Designs

There are a wide variety of false flooring designs available in the market. You can also create any customised design you like. There are lots of design, texture, and material possibilities when it comes to false flooring.

Welspun Has Exciting Flooring Options For You

Welspun has an exciting range of Click-N-Lock tiles and Carpet tiles that you must check out if you are in the market for false flooring options. Click-N-Lock and carpet tiles are made using the latest state-of-the-art technology and have distinct qualities that differentiate them from the other options in the market. 


  • Click-N-Lock tiles are made using five layers that provide durability, underfoot comfort, and reduce tapping noises.

  • Click-N-Lock tiles are waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and flame resistant, thereby making them ideal for false flooring.

  • The Carpet tiles and Click-N-Lock Tiles meet international standards of certifications and environmental norms.

  • Both the tiles are made with antiviral and antimicrobial technology thereby reducing the need for constant cleaning.

  • Click-N-Lock Tiles have seamless interlocking and are grout-free thereby reducing the accumulation of dust underneath the floor. 

  • The carpet tiles are made with a highly resilient fiber that lasts much longer than a regular carpet tile. 

You should check out the range of options from Welspun Flooring to create an ideal flooring for your space. You can find more details about Carpet Tiles and Click-N-Lock Tiles.

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