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What Type of Tile is Best for Bedroom?

What Type of Tile is Best for Bedroom?

Published on 24 May 2021, 05:25:00 AM

Bedroom Tiles to Look Out For

A bedroom is an extremely personal space, so while choosing bedroom tiles, personal taste matters the most. To select one out of the wide range of tiles available in the market, think deeply about the look you are going for. Here’s some information to help you finalise the bedroom tiles.


  • Ceramic Tiles

Earlier, ceramic tiles were not considered bedroom tiles, but that has changed with new and innovative design trends. Ceramic tiles are versatile and highly durable that can last for years. You can experiment to create contemporary or modern looks with the huge variety of designs available. They are moisture-resistant so cleaning them is very easy. Another virtue of ceramic tiles is that they naturally stay cool, so they are bedroom tiles in times of hot and humid weather.

Pro-tip: If you are looking for pocket-friendly options for bedroom tiles, ceramic tiles are perfect for you.


  • Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are fast becoming the best option for bedroom tiles. They feel classy and create a vibrant look making the room look bright and calm. With the immense décor possibilities, wooden tiles can be the best option for bedroom tiles to create traditional, contemporary, or rustic looks. Suited for any weather condition, they are a big hit as they are easy to maintain. Wooden tiles prove to be the best tiles for bedroom over wooden flooring as a damaged tile can be easily replaced vis-à-vis the entire flooring.

Pro-tip: Wooden tiles can also be the best tiles for bedroom walls to create an earthy and sophisticated look.


  • Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is no longer the reminder of unfinished flooring of quarter-like houses. The modern reinvented mosaic isbeco ming the best option for  bedroom tiles very quickly. These days beautiful patterns, motifs, and mural art adorn mosaic tiles. Traditionally used for kitchen and bathroom, mosaic tiles are increasingly being advised by professionals as the best bedroom tiles. With vivid colours and styles, it can transform a bedroom into a wonderful eclectic space. Use stone or metal inlays along with mosaic tiles to get a rich-looking floor. They are the best bedroom tiles, as they are easy to maintain and last for many years.

Pro-tip: Mosaic tiles are slightly higher priced, but they promise to be the best bedroom tiles in premium properties. Mosaic tiles are a visual treat for hotel rooms too!


  • Marble Tiles

Marble tiles have long been the best bedroom tiles. Nothing spells luxury like a beautiful marble tile. They are durable, easy to maintain, and weatherproof. They complement contemporary as well as traditional looks with equal ease. Marble tiles can win the title for best bedroom tiles as they come in exquisite designs and patterns, making the floor stand out as a work of art. A special mention to the sheen it creates, which makes the bedroom instantly likeable.

Pro-tip: Give special attention while laying down the marble tiles to achieve the desired arrangement as the marble magic lies in the pattern.


  • Terra Cotta Tiles

Terra cotta tiles give an old-world, Mediterranean look but the modern era also hails them as the best tiles for bedroom. They exude a warm and cosy look, making them a favourite for bedrooms. Terra cotta are the best tiles for bedrooms with large areas like farmhouses, bungalows but it can do wonders to an apartment bedroom too. Another reason terra cotta tiles are the best tiles for the bedroom is that they are durable and can last pretty long with basic annual maintenance like sealing and polishing.

Pro-tip: Terra cotta tile quality is difficult to analyse, so make sure to source it from a reputed seller after checking it thoroughly.


It can be overwhelming to choose the best tiles for a bedroom with so many options, but you can make the best decision when you are armed with the right knowledge.


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