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Give Your Bedroom a Modern Look With These Creative Tiling Ideas

Give Your Bedroom a Modern Look With These Creative Tiling Ideas

Published on 24 May 2021, 06:27:11 AM


Your home should be a definition of your style, and your bedroom should speak not only for your style but for your comfort as well. After all, your bedroom is the only place where you can simply be yourself, no questions asked. If you are looking to revamp your space, then you are in dire need of some modern bedroom tiling ideas. Read on to get yourself familiar with the top 10 modern bedroom tiling ideas.


10 Modern Bedroom Tiling Ideas That You Should Watch Out For


1. Marble Look - This tile is simply the best for those who want to add a warm yet rustic touch to their room. Several designs are available in the market, starting with smooth white and grey imprints to even a gold and black mix. These tiles are simply perfect for making a bold statement!

2. Wood Porcelain - One cannot deny that wooden flooring looks impressive, but at the same time, it does come with some problems as well. The regular wear and tear, tile gaps, stains can just take away all the beauty of your wood flooring. But, there is yet again another alternative to modern bedroom tiling ideas is wooden flooring, and that is wood porcelain. It looks like wood but is more durable and better than your regular wooden flooring. 

3. Victorian Floor Tiles - Do you ever imagine how the royals live? Or how their palaces look? Well, indeed, the walls and the floors are not embedded with gold anymore. So, if you want to add some royal touch and prints to your modern bedroom tiling ideas, then this should be on your bucket list. 

4. Smooth White Tiles - If your idea is not to have too many things and colors in your bedroom, you can play around with these smooth white tiles. Pick two primary colors for the rest of your interiors, and you are set! For example, red, black, and white or maybe yellow, sea green, and white. 

5. Concrete Look Tile Flooring - Anything that gives a natural look to your house is simply the best. And what better than concrete tiles? Will the industrial-style grey tiles ever go out of trend? That is a question that is best left for the future. But, if you want to add sleek and modern bedroom tiling ideas to your apartment, then this should be your pick.

6. Moroccan Tiles - If your motive is to build a style statement and be mesmerized by the beauty of your bedroom tiling ideas every time you step inside, then Moroccan tiles are perfect for you. These tiles are available in multiple intricate designs and can also be customized. So, you can add as many details as you want and give an elegant look to your modern bedroom! 

7. Hexagon Tiles - Aren't you bored with all the classic square tiles that rule the books of interior designers? Well, in that case, jazz up your space by customizing the shades with some hexagonal tiles. They are available in contrasting shades, and you would always sense a feeling of fun and happiness as you step into your safe abode! 

8. Black Tiles - You know which color rules your wardrobe and is also widely accepted as a sign of power and drive? Black, simple black. It is not a question that hasn't been answered less than a few million times; that black adds a different touch to the overall environment of your space. It perfectly complements all your Pinterest-worthy ideas and helps you encash your dream room with a chic vibe! 

9. Neutral Tile Flooring - Many homeowners feel that they are simply not the ones who would root for bright colors. They want to feel like they are wrapped inside a warm fuzzy blanket as they walk into their bedroom, even if it is for the nth time of the day. Neutral tile flooring is one of the best options for people who know that their focus lies mainly on comfort and embracing the pastel shades of nature. 

10. Chevron Tiles - If you plan to get rid of the simple white tiles and add a slight edge to your room, then look at chevron tiles. These tiles are simply timeless. Some contrasting shades with V-shaped arrow tiles will merely make you own your bedroom more than ever. 

Final Words

These are a few of the many stunning modern bedroom tiling ideas that you would simply fall in love with every single day. So, what are you waiting for?  

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