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Which Marble Tiles Suit Your Kitchen The best?

Which Marble Tiles Suit Your Kitchen The best?

Published on 30 August 2021, 06:32:42 AM

Marble tiles are one of the most luxurious forms of flooring solutions. A flooring solution that never goes out of style. Marble tiles make the most sense for a kitchen as they have low porosity and can withstand highly moist areas. They provide you with the texture of natural stone and the smoothness of ceramic tiles.

Marble tiles are ideal for a kitchen as they create a sense of sophistication and have a rich visual effect. Kitchen marble tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can accentuate any home décor. You can find a variety of colors in kitchen marble tiles such as white, yellow, beige, green, black, and brown. Kitchen marble tiles can be distinguished through their vein patterns and grains. These tiles will add a timeless visual impact to your kitchen floors. In this post, we’d like to tell you about the types of kitchen marble tiles that will suit your kitchen the best –

Carrara Marble Tiles

One of the most commonly used forms of kitchen marble tiles, Carrara is generally found in white, or grey colours. The veining is linear, small and fine. It has a pristine whiteness that can add an airy feel to your kitchen marble tiles floor. 

Statuary Marble Tiles

It has uniform background and is usually known as the sister to Carrara marble tiles. The veining is more distinct and dramatic. It has a shiny feel that provides a radiant finish which will enhance your kitchen marble tiles floor.

Calacatta Marble Tiles

These are generally found in white colour with dark veining and large & thick patterns. You can pair it with stainless steel in your kitchen that will add a striking look to your kitchen marble tile floor. It is considered a luxury tile since it is rare.

Emperador Marble Tiles

It is dark in colour and is usually found in different shades of brown. It has fine grains and very irregular veins. It is considered an ideal kitchen marble tile for a high foot traffic area.

Is There Anything Better Than Kitchen Marble Tiles?

Welspun has the right products for your kitchen flooring solutions that will enable you to cook delicious food without worrying about cleaning. We have a wide range of kitchen marble tiles in natural stone finishes as a part of our Click N Lock Tiles. These tiles have a five-layer core made of stone polymer composite. It comprises anti-fade UV finishing, wears layer, decor film, rigid SPC core, and a cushion backing. These tiles are superior in technology when compared to marble tiles as they are easier to maintain and can be installed in less than a day even on existing floors without any dust or noise. 

Unlike marble tiles, our flooring solutions are waterproof, scratch-resistant, flame resistant, and stain-resistant as well. Our Click N Lock tiles are antiviral and antimicrobial too. You will find options in a wide range of colours and a huge number of designs that will leave you spoilt for choice. Check out our entire range here.

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