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Why should gym carpets have a high quality built?

Why should gym carpets have a high quality built?

Published on 27 December 2021, 01:22:25 PM

Many gym owners commit the blunder of solely focusing on purchasing the right exercise equipment for their gyms. They pay little to no interest in exploring the flooring options for their facilities. While getting the right exercise equipment is important, deciding on the gym flooring should get equal priority as the installation of machines can only happen once the flooring is sorted. A superior quality gym carpet can be a fantastic addition to your gym. We tell you why!


Dropping dumbbells and barbells are a common sight in any gym. Can you imagine the destruction it can do to your floor as well as the equipment if it falls directly on the ground? Gym carpets break the fall and prevent the dumbbells and barbells from bouncing off the floor thereby preventing someone from getting injured. It also helps to minimize the noise that comes from heavyweight training. This allows your gym members to work out in peace without any distractions.

Prevents Injuries

An increasing number of commercial gyms are using gym carpets because of the safety and resilience they offer. The shock-absorbing nature of top-quality gym carpets can protect the gym goers by lessening the joint impact and preventing serious injuries. Uneven carpets or a slippery floor can prove disastrous in a gym. This is why it's important to install a good gym carpet to reduce the likelihood of accidents while performing quick and powerful movements or high-intensity workouts.

Enhances Performance

Forceful and high-impact exercises such as plyometrics are a threat to the joints. Without proper flooring, you are putting your gym members at great risk. Extra-thick gym carpets can withstand intense exercise routines and heavyweights thus helping your members to gain quick acceleration and improve traction. 

Looks Stylish

If you want your members to keep coming back to your gym, you need to provide them with more than the exercise equipment. You need to create a positive and motivational space for them that makes them inspired to work out every day. Vibrant and colorful gym carpets do a great job of uplifting the mood of your gym members while making your gym more presentable. They can add a style quotient to your space and make the ambience workout-friendly for your members to keep coming back.

Low Maintenance

Contrary to what many people believe, gym carpets are easy to clean. Sure, they are exposed to a lot of sweat, spills, dirt and debris. But you can vacuum the floor regularly, pretty much the same as that of a home carpet. Some brands even offer interlocking tiles gym carpets that are waterproof as well. This makes it easier for anyone to take care of their flooring without having to rely on professionals. 

Flooring can be a pivotal factor in the aesthetics and performance of a gym. It can greatly influence the cleaning requirements and maintenance costs of your center. Investing in a high-quality gym carpet ensures you are better equipped to handle as many customers as you want without having to worry about the noise or heavy foot traffic. Gym carpets can be easily maintained and moreover, they do an excellent job of preventing injuries. 

If you are looking for good flooring options for your gym, take a look at Welspun Flooring’s extensive catalog. We offer a wide range of flooring options keeping in mind both the looks and performance. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we would be happy to suggest the best flooring options for you based on your style and budget.

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