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You Should Know These 5 Things Before Installing a PVC Floor Carpet

You Should Know These 5 Things Before Installing a PVC Floor Carpet

Published on 23 December 2021, 09:35:14 AM

There have been traditional carpets that were used to give a distinct look to your home. But, they required high maintenance, as they were bulky and were not so easy to clean. Then came the carpet tiles, which were easy to install, but had to be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. Also, being made with the same material as carpet, they captured the dust and were not a good option for someone being allergic to dust in your home. Taking all things into consideration, and with some advantages of PVC, PVC floor carpet was introduced in the market. Since its inception, people have actually liked it and with its easy-to-install option, people are eager to do the installation on their own.


What is PVC floor carpet?

PVC is an abbreviation for Polyvinyl chloride and has been known as the most versatile flooring option. Many reports and facts state that PVC flooring is just another name for vinyl flooring. These flooring options are similar to each other as they both are produced with the same plastic polymer. PVC is the third most-produced plastic polymer and the name is quite common in the marketplace, therefore vinyl flooring is commonly known as PVC flooring.


Owing to its versatility, PVC floor carpet has gained popularity among people. Not just in offices, people are giving preference to PVC floor carpet to be installed in their homes as well. The reason for this popularity has been many of the advantages available with its installation.

Below are the 5 major factors that can be taken into consideration before installing a PVC carpet:


  • Durability: PVC carpet is highly durable. The water and moisture-resistant features make it a long-lasting material to be used in residential as well as commercial buildings. However, such flooring is suitable for only low foot-traffic areas, thus it is recommended to use it in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. 

  • Easy Installation: One of the great things about PVC floor carpets is the ease of installation. It can be easily installed over concrete, hardwood, or plywood surfaces. However, the only thing required is an accurate measurement for the installation.

  • Easy to Clean: PVC floor carpet is stain resistant, and any spillages like oil, grease, and acids can easily vanish using a damp cloth and a simple cleaning agent. For the daily routine cleaning, all you need is a vacuum cleaner to simply clean the dust.

  • Cost-effective: Is PVC flooring cheaper? Absolutely yes! Cost is the very first thing that comes to mind when deciding about flooring for any area. PVC floor carpet price is quite lower compared to other flooring options. You can also save significantly on per-square-foot installation. And, the easy-to-install feature does not require professional installers to install it, thus it can save a lot of labour costs. Many of the companies offer a DIY installation kit enabling you to explore and do it yourself (depending upon the area).

In addition to the above factors, the 2 best methods that can be taken into consideration before opting for PVC carpet flooring is; to use your feet to check the elasticity of the carpet, or else you can try pressing it with your fingers to see if it can be easily restored to the original shape. The soft carpet makes it comfortable and easy to use. And, this is what Welspun Flooring offers you. They have a diverse range of PVC floor carpet one can choose from. These points must be enough to answer your query- Is PVC carpet flooring good? If you want to know more details, do take a look at the catalogue and get to know more about the latest and trendy designs, which can raise the level of the décor of your home.


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