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10 Best Interior Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas in 2021

Published on 23 December 2021, 10:55:16 AM

Gone are the days when you could only find artificial grass walls in resorts or big hotel chains. An increasing number of homeowners are switching to interior artificial grass wall designs to add a flavor of luxury and exoticism to their home décor. 

If you too wish to bring the outdoors inside, we list the top interior artificial grass wall designs to inspire you. 

Wonder Wall in Kid’s Bedroom

Interior artificial grass wall design made from synthetic grass is easy to clean and maintain. We all know how messy kids can be. Grass-like wall designs can stimulate a park-like atmosphere for the kids to play and connect with nature even as they play inside.

Liven Up Your Deck

Spruce up your patio, porch, deck or veranda with an interior artificial grass wall design that blends seamlessly with the surroundings. Built with highly resistant fibers, the artificial grass can weather all the elements and accentuate your deck area well.

Design Accent Walls

If you want to perk up your hall or seating area, incorporating interior artificial grass wall designs into accent walls is a great idea. They take the style quotient of your room up a notch and give it a natural feel. 

Decorate Your Living Room Walls

Do you wish to bedazzle your guests as soon as they enter your home? Introduce artificial grass wall designs on your living room walls that make your room look more comfortable and leave you with the feeling of being connected to nature. 

Embellish Your Dining Room

Interior artificial grass wall designs can make your dining room a hot topic of discussion and delight your guests with the ambience. Plan the furniture accordingly to create a nuanced theme for the room.

Transform Your Balcony

Who says balconies are only meant for artificial grass flooring? Interior artificial grass wall designs can spruce up your balcony and transform it into a miniature garden. You can spend countless hours relaxing with a good book in the natural ambience of your green space. 

Make Your Lounge Pristine

Tired of the same old wall decorations? Switch to interior artificial grass wall designs to decorate your lounge area for a chic look. Plan the furniture and other accessories well to add a burst of colors and give the room a spunky flavor. 

Perk Up Your Office

Position the interior artificial grass wall design behind your reception desk at the office to make it the focal point of your modern workspace. Greens can also have a calming effect on your employees while upping the aesthetics of your office space. 

Make Your Terrace More Heavenly

Use interior artificial grass wall designs on your terrace for creating a cosy space to hang out. If you wish to host parties on the terrace, you can play around with patterns to make it more visually appealing and let your guests party with a view. 

Create Separate Zones

If you feel your room is too minimalist, you can creatively use interior artificial grass wall designs to create separate zones. This makes a relatively smaller room look wider with separate areas to do activities you like. 

Wrapping Up

We hope these unique interior artificial grass wall design ideas inspire you to take your home décor to the next level. It’s a stupendous way to infuse some freshness into your daily lives. 

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