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Carpet tile flooring ideas to match your office wall decor

Carpet tile flooring ideas to match your office wall decor

Published on 27 December 2021, 12:58:43 PM

A great office setup is important because it sends a message about the well-being of the business to all stakeholders. There are plenty of things that must be considered while designing your office space. Primarily, you must make sure that you have the right furniture, wall decor, and the right flooring. There are plenty of flooring options available in the market but we believe that carpet tiles flooring is the best to match the office wall decor because of its exquisite quality and wide range of designs.

Contrasting Floors

If the office wall decor has lighter colour patterns, then it would be ideal to go with carpet tiles that have darker colour so that it's contrasting. Light and dark contrast creates a great visual impact and stands out among all other options. Different contrasting colours tend to highlight both the floor and the office wall decor as separate features of the space.

The Perfect Flooring Finish

If the wall decor has neutral colours such as grey, white, cream, or taupe, they tend to be a backdrop for any type of decor. Neutral colours can be ideally paired with any type of flooring finish. You can look at floor tiles with a variety of patterns such as checks, stripes, or similar patterns in contrasting colours.

Use the Colour Wheel

To make sure that the office wall decor and the floor colours complement each other, it is ideal to use the colour wheel. It makes it easy to find flooring finishes that will look fantastic when paired with the office wall decor. For example, if the wall has blue undertones, then it is ideal to look for flooring with orange finishes. It is a fun and modern way to pair the flooring with the office wall decor.

Plain Tiles For Checked Walls

If the office wall decor has lots of checks, then a simple plain contrasting floor tile would be ideal to create a minimalistic look with maximum impact. Be it checkered walls or any other patterns, the idea is to have a minimum floor when the office wall decor is adorned with designs and patterns.

Welspun Flooring Has A Great Range Of Carpet Tiles

While there are lots of carpet tiles options available in the market, carpet tiles from Welspun Flooring have distinct advantages over others. To begin with, Welspun’s carpet floor tiles are certified by international institutions for quality and safety. The floors are equipped with a special coating that can kill up to 99.68% of viruses and has the added benefit of being antimicrobial. The floors have a special backing that increases the underfoot comfort and also increases the longevity of the tiles. The carpet tiles are manufactured with lightweight PVC that ensures almost 40% lower environmental impact compared to traditional options.

Additionally, these floor tiles are ideal for office setups as they have sound absorption technology thereby making your workspace quieter than ever. There is a great range of designs and patterns available that are made to complement your office wall decor. You can find more details about carpet floor tiles visit Welspun Flooring.

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