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Floor Tiles Latest Design You Should Know About

Floor Tiles Latest Design You Should Know About

Published on 29 June 2022, 12:52:47 PM

The right floor tile design can make or break a space, whether you favour a standard grid structure or wish to make an innovative impression beneath your feet. So, to get you thinking about a floor makeover, we've gathered some of our favourite floor tiles latest design. When you see these tiles, be prepared to lose your footing and pick your jaw up off the floor—they're overflowing with certain excellent factors.


Nuanced And Sophisticated

The floor tiles latest design marble tile pattern is the right blend of subtle and dramatic, making the complicated hexagonal design even more fascinating with offset triangles. That's how you create an impression.


Inspired By Art Deco

From standalone sinks to peppermint emerald wall, marble countertop, matte finishes, and subtle framing, it's difficult to hate this bathroom. With a bit of inspiration from Art Deco, the floor tiles create the proper foundation for any restroom.


Transition From Wood To Metal

Take a page from Studio DB's book and make your stunning standalone tub (or any other statement piece you want to anchor the area) stand out even more with its backdrop of floor tiles. It is a good option if your bathroom comprises wood, which may be challenging to maintain in high-moisture environments.



For a hypnotising effect, choose a vivid pattern like this one. Consider putting tiles straight rather than offsetting them if you're going for an elaborate. It will keep things from seeming too cluttered.


Architectural And Modern

Give the traditional grid pattern a more contemporary, architecturally influenced twist. The grid pattern is also reflected innovatively by the abstract seat cushions and wall-to-wall windows in this breakfast nook.

Alfresco Colours

Colourful tiles will add flair to your outdoor environment. A tiny outdoor patio seems extra special with these vibrant blue Mediterranean-inspired tiles.


Foundations In The Herringbone Style

Most people choose herringbone floor tiles in their dining rooms to provide subtle interest. Repeating V-shapes are created by laying tiles at alternate 45° angle angles in this type of design. It's aesthetically appealing without being chaotic, making it the ideal floor design for modern minimalists.


Basics of Running Bonds

Instead of a linear or grid pattern, this design employs a running sealant technique to offset your tiles. It's another traditional floor tile style that's simple to lay but adds more visual interest. You can keep things industrial and contemporary with the floor tiles with concrete tile.


Non-Repeatable and Bold

To create a distinctive look with a modern marble floor border design in the bathroom, choose a more extensive, non-repeating design in a bright and cheery hue. Extend these tiles from the shower through the remainder of the space in your bathroom, creating a visual flow.


Offbeat And Large-Scale

Large-scale, multicoloured marble tiles that speak for themselves will make a statement in any environment. It'll set the tone for a modern, fresh, and cutting-edge look.



The tile pattern in this design style is linear and graphic, with a 3-D effect. Be careful because you may become lost for hours in its visual illusions. These designs look best in grayscale and work nicely in restrooms and other tiny places. Welspun Flooring facilitates you with Origami designs which can give your room a distinct look.


Illusions Created Using Paint

Paint your floors in the shape of tiles with vibrant colours instead of placing tiles. It's a cost-effective alternative to a complete remodel, and the paint's flatness creates a fascinating backdrop that textured tiles can't match.


Patterns Among Patterns

An already attractive dining area is more memorable with a striking, angular tile pattern. At first view, the design appears to be random, yet closer inspection reveals a profusion of complicated patterns inside patterns within patterns.



These are some of the best ideas for the latest designs of floor tiles. If you are looking for the right results, you must contact Welspun Flooring for their Click-N-Lock Tiles. They will help you find the correct floors and give your home a sleek appearance.

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