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Flooring ideas for a stylish living room decor

Flooring ideas for a stylish living room decor

Published on 25 December 2021, 05:42:41 AM

Oh, it’s been a long time since we have renovated our living room

Do you also find yourself caught up in this thought often? If yes, then we think it’s about time for you to navigate through some exciting living room décor ideas!

We’ll start with the good news - today, you will not find any dearth of good flooring options for your living room decor ideas - thanks to the technology-driven modern innovation. But with such overwhelming options all around you, it can sometimes become hard to settle on one. This blog will introduce you to some evergreen and unique flooring ideas that would inspire you to create your own mood board of that living room décor ideas for your next venture! Read on.  


  1. Vinyl flooring: This type of flooring is making a comeback with the maximalist trend in recent times. Vinyl Flooring is extremely gorgeous with its beautiful patterns all over. The versatility of designs is also more striking than any other flooring tiles, thereby making it an excellent option to add to your living room décor ideas. This flooring is also water-resistant, thereby protecting the floor from any unwanted spillover. Its resistance to dampness also makes it an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathroom.
  2. Stone Polymer Composite: This type of flooring is known for its durability - a feature that makes it tough enough to withstand any amount of foot traffic. The Click-N-Lock tiles by Welspun Flooring are the best example of SPC flooring. These tiles come with the unique Wel-Lock ™ technology. This innovative technology allows the tiles to fit into one another in a unique locking mechanism. Moreover, these tiles can be installed on existing floors in less than a day without any dust or noise, making them apt to add your living room décor ideas. It is also anti-microbial and has scratch and stain-resistant properties too. These tiles come in an exquisite range of wood and stone finishing and work magic in every space. This flooring type is a perfect combination of aesthetics blended with functionality for your living room decor ideas.
  3. Laminate flooring: How about using colorful solids or patterns not only for your wall cladding but for your floors too? Flooring with lamination is the one to add to your living room decor ideas then! This type of Laminate flooring provides excellent protection from any unwanted damages on the surface of the flooring. The glossy surface also makes it eye-pleasing. Plus point: it usually comes with the hardwood flooring type that ensures maximum elegance for your mood board for living room décor ideas.
  4. Vitrified tiles: The blend of clay and silica, vitrified tiles are a type of ceramic tiles that will ensure durability along with patterns that come in handy when matching with your living room decor ideas. However, because of its ceramic nature, it may quickly match its temperature with the external environmental factors and cause uneasiness and discomfort.
  5. Porcelain: This one is one of the most premium-looking floorings you can add to your list of living room decor ideas. Porcelain tiles are best for stunning and grand living rooms. Durable and easy to maintain, this one will add a timeless character to your living room with its pretty look.
  6. Hardwood flooring: It is the most effortlessly good-looking tile that one can opt for while looking for living room décor ideas. This flooring type makes a very elegant statement in your living room especially if you are someone who loves everything natural, or is driven by cottagecore and vintage aesthetic. This wooden flooring can make your decor dreams come true with the beauty they are. 

We are sure your ‘living room decor ideasmood board is full of flooring options by now. So, wait no more! Head on to Welspun and check on the amazing collections of flooring to complement all your gorgeous living room décor ideas. Mix and match the flooring style you love with the purpose it fulfills. To make it easy for you, we suggest that the Click and Lock tiles tick - with the wide collection of exquisite designs, and perfect features such as stain resistance, durable, easy to maintain - tick all the boxes for your ideal living room project.

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