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Living Room Interior Designs That Will Brighten Your Day

Living Room Interior Designs That Will Brighten Your Day

Published on 25 April 2022, 12:18:22 PM

The living room for any house is the centre of attraction, and as the name suggests we all live in the living rooms. The living room is the place for all your movie nights, a coffee date space for your loved ones, and most importantly the place where you welcome all your guests. Be it a small hall or a luxurious space, everything should be well planned and finely executed when it comes to the living room interior. 

From wall decorating ideas to statement art pieces, what to pick and what not to be the biggest question of all time. Moreover, the budget constraint always remains a pressure point. So, the right selection of colour contrasts, measured furniture, and fine quality art pieces can make a lot of difference too keeping the budget in mind. Make your living room interior stand out differently pleasing your visitor’s eyes. 

Here in this blog, we have collated all those low-cost interior design ideas that will revamp your living room, depending upon the space. We bring to you some of the best options for spacious as well as small living room interior.

  1. Furniture As Per Measurement: Before crashing any huge-sized sofa set into your living room space carefully analyse the size and measurement of the area. For luxurious and spacious halls one can use a 7 seater L-shaped sofa set accompanied by a large and designer centre table, whereas for a small living room interior one can simply opt for an elegant 3 or 5 seater sofa set with a simple yet elegant small table. 
  2. Use The Artwork For The Walls: Using wallpapers, paintings, abstract work for walls are some of the trending modern interior design ideas that can add up to the beauty of your living and are being used worldwide. For a larger area, go with at least 2 statement artwork walls one behind your LED screen and another behind the sofa set. While for the smaller area, one could simply add a single statement wall for the LED wall.
  3. Use House Plants For Greenery: Adding plants as part of your modern interior design could turn out to be one of the great decisions. These inexpensive and beautiful plants will add a touch of greenery to the basic colour contrasting area giving your living room refreshing and calming vibes. And, this is something which has a great selection to choose from and is easily budget-friendly and also doesn’t matter what size of living room space you have. It will add an eye-pleasing look to your living room interior. 
  4. Select Complementing Flooring: Choosing a flooring type for any part of your house is a very crucial point while going for a simple hall interior design. Along with the other elements, the flooring of the living rooms plays a major role in revamping the interior of your living room. Choose from the variety of options available in the market ranging from Italian marble to granite and wooden flooring.


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