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Small Room Decor Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Small Room Decor Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Published on 04 May 2022, 12:10:31 PM

It can be challenging to decorate a small bedroom as you try to balance style and functionality while keeping the space clutter-free and conducive to relaxation, all within a limited space. Small bedrooms usually require extra additions that do not compete with the existing furniture.

Whether you convert an attic into a bedroom or cut out an area in your studio apartment, you may discover that a small bedroom has unlimited potential- you just need to be creative. 

The interior design of a compact bedroom can be just as luxurious as any other bedroom that enjoys ample space. As studio apartments and city lofts become increasingly common, savvy design is essentially a must for small bedroom interiors.

Mentioned below are a few small room interior design ideas that will surely help you out.

  • Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Choosing the right window treatment, especially in the case of a small room interior becomes very important. For example, if your room has a beautiful view like the ocean, mountains or the entire skyline of the city then don't block it with intense window treatments, but if you like to sleep in late and the need to have total darkness to do so, get blackout shades you can tuck to the side during the day.


  • Steer Clear From the Floor

It's important to keep the essentials close at hand, but if you have trouble getting around, a perfectly decorated small room won't be effective. Try floating pieces, such as shelves and nightstands to create space underneath and extra storage if needed. 


  • Foldable Items & Furniture

Do you need to have a desk and dining table 24x7? If not, consider installing furniture that can be folded up when not in use. You'll clear up floor space and avoid the piles of mail and work that inevitably accumulate on these surfaces. You can also invest in foldable beds which can be tucked away against a wall during the day leaving you with ample space in the room. In such a scenario having good flooring is a must. You can check out the Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring to add to your room's interior design.


  • Keeping It Cohesive

There are only so many places to look in a small space, so make sure they all fit together. Try sticking to a limited colour scheme, either bright and airy or dark and dramatic. If you look at items through a designer's lens, you will make sure they belong and avoid clutter.


  • Use Scaling to Your Advantage

Using smaller furnishings and decor won't make your space appear larger than it already is. Instead, choose a few statement pieces that will grab people's attention. You can use regular-sized furniture and large-scale art, but overall you'll need fewer items for your bedroom interiors. Flooring can also make a difference while trying to scale your bedroom decor and design. Choose your flooring wisely to create a vast expanse. Don’t forget to check out the flooring options such as the Click-N-Lock tiles offered by Welspun Flooring which come in so many colours and textures and within a budget that it will make your small room bigger.


  • Create an optical illusion

A splash of colour can instantly invigorate a room, giving it a sense of warmth. It can also be used as a way to combat wider aesthetic issues, such as making small spaces appear larger. For example, in an interior design for a small bedroom, you can combine contrasting colours to create a border that creates an optical illusion for the walls.


  • Make Storage Space Available

Creating bespoke wardrobes on either side of the bed is one of the best ways to make the most of your bedroom storage. The eye is naturally drawn to the bedroom wall that houses the wardrobes. As a result, the remaining walls can be free of any obstructions, so you can use them to hang artwork or mirrors. You can also maximize the space by creating storage above and below the bed, but be aware not to make it too outdated, cluttered, or claustrophobic.


  • Wall-Mounted Lighting

If you have a small bedroom, wall-mounted lighting can help you make the most of the space. Wall mounting allows you to place the task lighting to make the room more functional. Also, you may not know this but flooring also plays a very important role when it comes to selecting lights for your bedroom interiors especially if the space is limited. Light bounces off the flooring, so, select flooring which will make your space look bigger. Welspun Flooring has a large range of Click-N-Lock Tiles that you should consider for your room interior design especially when you are short on space. 

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