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Smart ideas for small living room interior

Smart ideas for small living room interior

Published on 15 November 2022, 10:18:09 AM

A cramped and cluttered living room interior does not inspire positivity. It’s essential to smartly design small living room interior spaces that are smaller in size. It must make you feel calm and cosy. You need clever design tips and tricks apart from inspiring ideas that will turn your living room into a lovely lounge. You must ideally put thought into what you need for your small living room interior. If you do not have any ideas, our list of smart ideas below will help you narrow down the decision to create a pretty living room.

Sofas Are Very Important

You cannot have a small living room without a sofa. However, when there is space constraint, you really need to be smart about the sofa choices. You could consider having a neutral sofa for the space. You could opt for a plain sofa or a printed one that magnifies the living room. Throw in some cushions to make the small living room interior space comfortable. 

Add Some Storage Space

Storage space could be used to add some decor or store anything of necessity. Since the total living room space is limited, it would be ideal to use the walls to create storage space. Ladder style shelving is trending now and is being embraced by a large number of people. You need to make sure that you get enough storage space with minimal footprint in the living room.

Save Space With Wall Lights

You must focus on saving floor space in a small living room interior. Wall-mounted lights are a great idea to save a lot of floor space that would be lost while adding a floor-based lamp. Be careful with the installation as you do not want it to be crashing on your head.

Add A Feature Wall

In order to make the room less cramped, try to not have dark colours for all the walls in the room. However, you could consider adding a feature wall that acts as a backdrop to an area that’s about relaxation. The wall behind the sofa for example. 

Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

A trick that works. You can add mirrors in the room and create an illusion of space. An oversized mirror that covers an entire wall could be a great addition. It will double up your small living room interior decor by reflecting light and the interior decor. A winning strategy.

Curtains Or Blinds?

Blinds make the room seem taller. It will make your small living room interior look instantly larger. Blinds create free space on the windows which creates an illusion of an airy room. You must consider ditching the curtains and installing blinds.

Baskets For More Storage Space

If you need more storage space in your small living room interior, hanging willow baskets on the walls could be a great idea to create some storage space in the room. You could use decorative hooks that can withstand the weight of the basket and its contents. These baskets are great for storing books, toys, etc.

Swap The Sofas

Sofas may end up occupying a lot of space in the small living room interior. It would be a great idea to create more room with snugglers. It is big enough to easily accommodate a parent and a child. 

Create Bold Floors

If you opt for light colours for your walls, you must consider going for bold colour options for your floors to create a contrast. Welspun Flooring has a great range of flooring options in the Click-N-Lock® Tiles space. You must check out the collection of Click-N-Lock® Tiles that are designed to provide the most comfortable flooring experience. While these tiles have a great range of colour options, they have great features too.

Why Welspun for Flooring?

Welspun Flooring’s Click-N-Lock® Tiles have a seamless interlocking feature that creates a grout-free installation that keeps the floors free from germs. The installation process is noise and dust-free as well. These floors are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant making them ideal for your small living room interior. 

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