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Talk of the town: here's why grey floor tiles are trending today

Talk of the town: here's why grey floor tiles are trending today

Published on 27 December 2021, 09:08:36 AM

Fashion is as important as the functioning of a space when it comes to interior design. Colours play a very important part in the overall design and appeal of a room. While some colour trends are temporary, some are everlasting. Grey is a timeless colour and has been a top trending flooring colour today.

Grey floor tiles are a talk of the town today for very specific reasons. In this blog, we will elaborate on all the reasons why grey floor tiles are trending today thanks to grey being a timeless colour.

Never Goes Out Of Style

Grey floor tiles offer so much elegance and adaptability that they never go out of style. It is used as a base colour for the floors because it can easily blend with any other colour to pull off amazing interior design styles. 

Hides Scratches & Marks

Grey floor tiles ensure that they continue to look pristine for a long time as the colour can mask off splashes, marks, scratches, and scuffs. It is a highly preferred colour when it comes to creating long-lasting floors. 

Endless Styling Options

Grey floor tiles are compatible with plenty of interior design options. You can even find grey tiles in a wide range of shades such as soft, play greys, and darker moody hues. You can create a sophisticated interior design of your choice by having grey as your base colour.

A Great Luxury Option

Grey floor tiles can add a touch of luxury to every room in the house. Even the most neutral spaces start looking luxurious once the grey colour is added to the area. Grey colour provides for sophisticated aesthetics that cannot be ignored by anyone. 

Wide Range of Options With Grey Floor Tiles

Grey is a colour that can be used in any area of the house. Be it the bathroom or the kitchen, grey complements well with any type of interior design. 

Welspun Flooring Has A Wide Range Of Offerings

Click-N-Lock tiles are the flagship product of Welspun Flooring. We have a wide range of shades available in grey. The Click-N-Lock tiles are a perfect flooring solution for plenty of reasons. We have outlined a few of the reasons to prefer the Click-N-Lock grey floor tiles from Welspun below -

  • These tiles are made of a stone polymer composite that has five layers and is built to last for a very long time.
  • These tiles are antimicrobial and have anti-skid qualities. 
  • The best thing about these tiles is that they can be installed on existing floors without the need to remove them. So if you are planning to do any renovation and install grey floor tiles, this could be your best option to save some costs.
  • These tiles can be installed in less than a day. 

The Click-N-Lock tiles are certified by international institutions for quality and environmental safety. If you are interested in taking a look at the range of options from Welspun Flooring.

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