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Top 10 Kitchen Decor Trends for your Next Project

Top 10 Kitchen Decor Trends for your Next Project

Published on 22 April 2022, 01:51:43 PM

Kitchen decor ideas have changed in recent years, and planning for a kitchen remodel is critical. Technological advancements and social dynamics have contributed to raising the need for the modern kitchen. Home kitchen remodelling is very trendy in the present times. The focus is transferring into open kitchens to make them convenient and stylish. Simple home kitchen remodels ideas are knocking on the doors and becoming favourites for homeowners.

Here are the top 10 trending kitchen decor ideas to transform your kitchen:

Smart Kitchen:

Smart Kitchen is vital in home interior decor. Technology has entered our kitchens not in the form of appliances but functionality too - from the fridge to faucets to the lighting systems. All this is an example of a smart kitchen.

Motion sense-equipped faucets, an automatic coffee machine, a gadget to monitor the kitchen temperature, and various other features are some examples of making your kitchen smart.

Cabinet textures - Dark Colours Are In & White Is Outdated

Although white is universal and gives a classic look to almost any space. White gives a spacious look to small kitchen decor, but nowadays, vibrant colours like sleek black, funky blue are hitting the kitchen cabinets. Adding such pops in the kitchen area shows an. Moreover, a neutral colour palette does a lot in your kitchen by adding luxury to the kitchen.

Effective Storage Solution

Storage is the most crucial part of any kitchen. Our biggest mistake with kitchen cabinetry is the waste of space. We can utilize little corners and make small kitchen decor ideas more functional and relevant. The structure of basic shelves and drawers wastes a lot of space. Worst of all, the space in which cabinets are made are either small or too spacious. it leaves your spaces unutilized and unorganized.

Add Pop of Colours

When we are not hesitating experimenting with cabinet colours why not add some favourites on walls too. We should be bold to add some vibrant colours like green, teal, turquoise. Pop of colour can make any look vibrant and new. Adding a pop of colour is not new but probably most people around the globe change their interior look starting with adding colours.

Kitchen Decor Should Also Include Flooring Ideas

Hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles are very trendy for kitchen flooring. But in recent times, people are opting for runners in kitchens. These runners are grabbing attention as they are not only easy to handle but also cost-effective. Wooden floor tiles and vinyl flooring may raise a second thought in the owner's mind to get fixed but using a new and attractive runner can always be an option. Welspun Flooring can help you in identifying the best and most luxurious flooring idea for your kitchen.

Connect With Outdoors

Kitchen areas in the present times are no longer meant for cooking and dining only, but kitchen gardens are also in high demand. Connecting kitchens to the outdoors is becoming one of the most innovative ideas to make a kitchen look beautiful and fresh. Air is important for all, and when you can relish fresh air and morning vibes of sun, it makes your day beautiful.

Experiment With Open Shelving

Open shelves in the kitchen are not new, but they are capturing a new kind of attention. They are becoming trendy. Open Shelves are the best example that clubs two various aspects into one beauty and function. Open shelves allow your kitchen decor to be decluttered and keep all the necessary items in front of your eyes.

Add Art to Your Kitchen

Artworks are very attractive and appealing wherever you hang or place them. This time try an artwork idea for your kitchen and invest in one. These artworks add personality and grace to your kitchen space. It gives a simple makeover without renovation. If you have open shelves, pop them with attractive artwork and portraits.

Try Glass Partitions

Glass is easy to clean, looks attractive and fab in the space where partitions are required. The glass partition saves space and escapes the soundtrack of the house. A glazed partition can split spaces without compromising on light or the feeling of togetherness. It also has the advantage of helping to contain smells in the kitchen area.

Lighting Layers

Lighting is always a challenge in kitchen areas. Getting the right light in layers is the key to a successful design. Lighting adds decor and design to the kitchen space. We need lower lighting to certain areas where we cook, but lower lighting everywhere in the kitchen ends up with a landing strip. Try to balance the lighting layer, and it will add stars to beautiful modern kitchen decor.

Try these simple and trendy tips of Kitchen decor for your next project and this is going to help you to renovate your kitchen according to your taste and vibe.

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