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10 Bold, Bright and Beautiful Bedroom Design Tile Ideas

10 Bold, Bright and Beautiful Bedroom Design Tile Ideas

Published on 15 November 2021, 10:23:15 AM

Your bedroom is your haven, your space to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of work. Working professionals desire a comfortable, well-designed bedroom, which is also key to the overall wellbeing of its inhabitants. Who doesn't love a visually pleasing bedroom, which also improves your mood when you’re exhausted from work. Let us explore some bedroom design tiles which might become your next favourite! 

1. Wood Effect Tiles

Many homes have tiles that match the look of wooden floor tiles with the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. Wooden design tiles are often seen to draw a connection to nature which makes these bedroom design tiles the preferred choice. These bedroom design tiles look best when combined with light coloured furniture, and give a nice, cosy feeling of waking up amid nature. 

2. Vinyl Tiles 

If you're considering renovation and want to experiment with something new, Vinyl tiles are versatile, look like natural stone but also provide the softness of walking on a carpet. Newly emerging as a player, these bedroom design tiles are a great cost-effective and durable option. 

3. Ceramic tiles

Available in a wide range of colours, patterns, designs, and combinations, Ceramic tiles are long-lasting, extremely resistant to stains, and absorb water. With aesthetics being a major factor, these bedroom design tiles will definitely raise the bar of your home. 

4. Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are more eco-friendly compared to other bedroom design tiles. These bedroom design tiles do not endure scratches like hardwood floors or marble. Porcelain tiles reflect a lustre shine but on a reasonable budget, and are easy to maintain. 

5. Marble tile flooring design 

Unlike the stone Marble, these marble bedroom flooring designs are often seen as a popular choice for many. With varied options for designs, patterns, which make the room feel brighter, warmer and cosier. These bedroom design tiles are the cheaper, more available version than the real feel and look of a marble stone. 

6. Click-N-Lock Tiles

A new gamechanger for the flooring tiles segment; Click-N-Lock tiles are technologically superior to traditional ways of flooring. Click-N-Lock tiles by Welspun flooring are made of stone and polymer composite which are highly durable while being lightweight. The tiles can be interlocked, which enable easy installation and can be installed on any existing floor. These bedroom design tiles come with layers of protection to safeguard your home against bacterial threats. 

7. Mosaic Tiles

An enchanting blend of iridescent pieces, the combination of Mosaic tiles give your room a vibrant, colourful look. The mix of mosaic tiles could be chosen as per the colour theme of the house, and how well the interior decor matches with your chosen palette for the tiles. These bedroom design tiles are used for decorative purposes on walls as well. 

8.Terrazzo tiles

A terrazzo tile is a composite of natural marble, granite or quartz chippings that are held together by a resin or concrete base with a colour pigment added to it. Their manufacturing includes the process of exposing the marble or stone chips on the surface of the concrete and then polishing them till they are smooth making them ideal bedroom design tiles. One advantage of terrazzo tile flooring is that if the surface gets worn out over the years, it can be refinished and polished to look like new.

9. Carpet Tiles

Tiles that give the look and feel of a carpet are a growing favourite among many interior designers and homeowners. These bedroom design tiles bring a vibrant look, and the wide range of designs inspire creativity. It's rising in demand as many people have moved from office to co-working spaces or working from their homes. 

10. Concrete Effect Tiles 

The charming industrial effect tiles, where the factorial element is concrete is brought into the home. These bedroom design tiles are a huge part of the industrial scheme, with a worn, concrete-like texture and look which can be used on walls and the floors of the house. Industrial themed interiors are rising as the rough, grey and black shades in houses, giving the home a very edgy look. 

After looking at a range of bedroom design tiles, you might have figured out which one you need or you might still be a little confused. It’s normal to double-check and research the tiles you want. Explore, experiment, and discover bedroom design tiles that are not only a statement in itself but also complement the ambience and interior decor of your house as well. Explore your home’s desire at Welspun Flooring and get the best choice of bedroom design tiles for your home, both aesthetically and functionally.

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