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Celebrate with these Diwali Decoration Ideas

Celebrate with these Diwali Decoration Ideas

Published on 21 April 2022, 11:44:53 AM

As Diwali approaches, the festive spirit awakens in each one of us. Diwali is one such festival that is an excuse for most homeowners to declutter, revamp their house, buy new clothes and, buy presents for friends and family.

The sheer excitement of a home makeover comes with a lot of thinking and planning especially before the festivities begin. As the entire family gets together and starts preparing for the festival, here are a few Diwali decoration ideas in which you can decorate your home this Diwali.

1. String lights as curtains

Fairy lights change the entire mood of the place. Assemble string lights/fairy lights as a curtain, try this as a backdrop for your wall in the living room or your balcony. You can even create a canopy of lights on your balcony and add the artificial grass from the Greens range from Welspun Flooring in the balcony to give a more fresh and vibrant look.

2. Colourful textiles

Playing with colours is one of the best room interior design ideas for Diwali. From upholstery, cushions, artificial plants & flowers, curtains, and throws, you can opt for more colour and premium fabric to give a richer look.

3. Diffusers

Aromatherapy is understated but it plays a very important role. Invest in cute ceramic diffusers and aroma oil fragrances that you enjoy to give a more festive vibe to the place. Here is a tip-, pick a floral fragrance like jasmine which is a gentle reminder of having fresh flowers in your home.

4. Candles & Lanterns

No amount of candles, lanterns, and Diya can be enough especially when it comes to Diwali. Attach a string of paper lanterns to the balcony, get some metallic decorative lanterns for the living room interiors, You can get a beautiful candle stand and candle votives with scented Tt-light candles to adorn the house. If you want the candles to burn faster without having to constantly check whether they are burning or not, then get battery-operated candles & Tt-lights.

5. Adding golden decor accents

Diwali screams of sparkle, shine, and grandeur. Upgrade your home interior decor with elements that have a sparkly or metallic finish, especially gold in colour. From Gold flower vases to gold figurines, candle votives, golden coloured planters and so much more. It is sure to add a very festive glam quotient to your home interiors.

6. Paper/Flower garlands

Get flower garlands. Either natural flowers or the ones made from paper to decorate your house. You can decorate your entire house and balcony with these garlands which are sure to not only add colour and smell but also look beautiful.

7. Freshen up that coat of paint

Freshening up that coat of paint is an easy home decor idea that most of us can opt for just before Diwali approaches. Whether it’s the touch-ups, changing the colour of the walls, or adding some designs, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to focus on your flooring too. You can do so by choosing from a wide range of Click-N-Lock tiles offered by Welspun Flooring.

8. Declutter your house

Diwali is a great excuse for deep cleaning your house and removing everything unwanted. Not only does it occupy a lot of space but it also makes everything look more messy and cluttered. So the best idea is to give away what is in good condition and not required and throw everything that's tarnished.

9. Rangoli

Rangoli for house decor should be a part of your to-do list during Diwali. Most Indians create beautiful rangoli patterns outside their homes using powdered colour. Rangolis can be made of different types and designs and is sometimes made with other materials such as flowers as well. The vibrant colours used to make the rangoli add an extremely beautiful and festive touch to the house.

10. Change your flooring

Floor makeover need not be a topic of worry. Yes, you read that right! When we think of a home renovation project we try to always avoid the flooring since it has always been a hassle. However, with Welspun’s Click-N-Lock tiles, changing the flooring need not be cumbersome and their wide range of products will spoil you for choice. This is the best pre-Diwali investment that you must make.

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