Welspun Flooring - Health Protector

Why do you need Health Protector?

The presence of heavy metals in conventional artificial grass is likely to cause health problems. These highly toxic materials can be emitted into the air, leaving us exposed to lead contaminated dust that can affect our nervous system and lead to a range of health problems.

Keep your lawn protected always with Health Protector

Health Protector offers 100% protection to your lawn. Such spaces need to be beautiful and at the same time safe, especially for kids. We at Welspun Flooring believe in providing you the safest quality artificial grass so you can create great memories without worrying about the concerns of any harmful elements.


USGBC Certified

Our manufacturing facility is LEED BD & CV4 certified, thus reducing stress on the environment by lowering CO2 emissions, consuming less energy & water as compared to traditional buildings, and divering 100% waste diverted from landfills.

IGBC Platinum Certified

Our manufacturing facility is built in compliance with green building practices of using less water, following energy efficient practices, conserving natural resources and generating less waste.

EN 71- 3 Certified

Greens are EN 71- 3 certified ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals and substances. This test certification certifies that our product is free from several harmful chemicals, substances and is the substantiation for the Greens Health Protector making it safe for your home.

CII Green Pro

This ensures that the product has a minimum negative impact on human health and the environment by maintaining an eco-friendly life cycle throughout its process.

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