Welspun Flooring - Wall to Wall - Solid - Dark Agean/Charcoal Grey

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Dark Agean/Charcoal Grey

Play around with bold and vibrant colours with Solid collection's Dark Agean/Charcoal Grey product from Wall to Wall Carpets. The hard-core and glossy texture of Dark Agean/Charcoal Grey will surely leave you asking for more!

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Product Benefits

Benefits are aplenty when you choose Welspun Flooring. Get quality, convenience, peace of mind, and just enjoy the ageless styles without worries.

Sound Insulation

Stain Retardant

Anti Flammability

Colourfast to Shampooing

Heat Insulation

Anti Static

Colourfast to Light

Built for Moderate to Heavy Foot Traffic

Design Code



100 % polyester

Pile Height

10 mm

Pile Weight

1150 GSM

Construction Type

Cut Pile

Tips for Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance: Containing the soil entering the building using the walk-off mats at entrances. This includes outside matting, inside matting, and mats at certain other high-traffic areas
  • Vaccuming: It is the single most important part of a maintenance program designed to remove soil or dust from top surface
  • Quick removal of spills is key to reduce any chance of stain
  • Interim Cleaning: Several different methods can be used. Regularly scheduled interim cleaning can prolong the need of restorative cleaning
  • Restorative cleaning: Deep cleaning designed to remove trapped soils. Hot water extraction and encapsulation are the most effective restorative methods

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