Welspun Flooring - Greens

Welspun Flooring’s Greens are manufactured using highly resilient fibres that do not flatten out with heavy foot traffic or long term usage while providing a comfortable cushioning with every step.

Looks Like Real Grass

Artificial green grass is made of fibres that closely represent the natural texture of grass. Its lush green colour is evenly blended throughout with a mix of gold and yellow that lends artificial grass the weathered look of real grass.

Saves Water

Our water-smart design enables artificial green grass carpets to save up to 73,000 litres of water annually in residential use and as much as 2,92,000 litres of water in commercial use in comparison to natural grass.

No Maintenance

Synthetic grass requires no weeding, mowing, or cropping to stay lush green all throughout the year. Just kick back and relax in your breakout areas with synthetic grass that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor carpet tiles.

No Harmful Metals

Artificial green grass carpet comes with no harmful metals, unlike conventional artificial grass tiles that contain damaging toxins like lead. This makes grass flooring an ideal option for your kids and pets to play around safely.

Greens For Your Home

Looks Like Real Grass



The Greens by Welspun Flooring are made of fibres that closely represent the natural texture of grasses. Greens in the Classic 25mm are ideal for areas of light footfall, evening hangouts and chilling.



The go-to choice. Greens in 35 mm from the Imperial range are designed for spaces with medium footfall. This is what you need to create the perfect office breakout zones. The medium pile height allows the perfect natural grass feel, easy to clean and maintain. Along with providing a cushiony feel and underfoot comfort, it is pet friendly* too. The fibres are soft and do not cause any skin rashes or itchiness.



Greens in 45 MM from the Royale range are the perfect solution for areas with heavy footfall. They serve both aesthetic and practical purposes with lush green fibres providing a terrific natural look.

Welspun Health Protector

Time spent outdoors with your family is always precious and Greens’ grass flooring is the space where many memorable moments will be created. Your spaces for unwinding need to be beautiful and at the same time safe, especially for kids. We take several steps to provide you with the safest quality grass, so you can create great and lasting memories without worrying about the concerns of any harmful elements.

Welspun Flooring Greens’ grass flooring is made using the highest quality materials and follows the highest industry standards for health and safety. Greens are tested to be free from harmful chemicals and substances.

Welspun UV Defender

Greens are an ideal choice for outdoor carpet tiles in places like lawns or relaxation spaces where you can host a party or a daytime supper with the neighbours. Artificial grass carpets require protection from UV rays to stay lush and eye-pleasing. Our Greens are equipped with the highest standard of UV inhibitors to ensure the fibres are not damaged from UV rays for years.

Greens are proven to have:


USGBC Gold - Leed V4

This ensures that our manufacturing facility focuses on energy savings, water efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and improved indoor air quality resulting in a reduction of stress on the environment.

CII Green Pro

This ensures that the product has a minimum negative impact on human health and the environment by maintaining an eco-friendly life cycle throughout its process.


This certification ensures our product(Greens) are assessed for minimal energy and resource consumption reducing the negative impact on energy & environmental consequences while providing transparency on the environmental performance.

En 71-3

This certification ensures our products (Greens) are free from harmful chemicals and substances. This test certification certifies that our product is free from several harmful chemicals and substances and is the substantiation for the Greens Health Protector making it safe for your home.

5 Year Company Warranty

Welspun Flooring warrants Greens against defects in materials for a period of 5 years subject to terms and conditions.

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